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TGlauberMC: A ROOT-based implementation of the PHOBOS Glauber Monte Carlo

Authors: Burak Alver (MIT), Mark Baker (BNL), Constantin Loizides (MIT), Peter Steinberg (BNL)
Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) & Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"Glauber" models are used to calculate geometric quantities in the initial state of heavy ion collisions, such as impact parameter, number of participating nucleons and initial eccentricity. The four RHIC experiments have different methods for Glauber Model calculations, leading to similar results for various geometric observables. In this document, we describe an implementation of the Monte Carlo based Glauber Model calculation used by the PHOBOS experiment. The assumptions that go in the calculation are described. A user's guide, arXiv:0805.4411, is provided for running various calculations.

An improved version (v2) by C. Loizides (LBNL), J. Nagle (Colorado U.), P. Steinberg (BNL) is described in arXiv:1408.2549, which includes tritium, Helium-3, and Uranium, as well as the treatment of deformed nuclei and Glauber-Gribov fluctuations of the proton in p+A collisions.

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